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Padding From Left

Now Use Padding classes to give padding from left to any element. padding classes varies from 5 to 60. These classes are shown in demo.

SITEMAP Documentation / Css / Instant Helper Classes / Padding / Padding From Left



Classes Padding Size Orientation
padL-5 5px Left
padL-10 10px Left
padL-15 15px Left
padL-20 20px Left
padL-25 25px Left
padL-30 30px Left
padL-40 40px Left
padL-50 50px Left
padL-60 60px Left


padL-60 Example

Code copy

<div class="padL-5">padding-left: 5px</div>
<div class="padL-10">padding-left: 10px</div>
<div class="padL-15">padding-left: 15px</div>
<div class="padL-20">padding-left: 20px</div>
<div class="padL-25">padding-left: 25px</div>
<div class="padL-30">padding-left: 30px</div>
<div class="padL-40">padding-left: 40px</div>
<div class="padL-50">padding-left: 50px</div>
<div class="padL-60">padding-left: 60px</div>


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