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Scroll Factor

This plugin is simply adding class if the element is within the scroll. working as wow.js but you can create your custom animation and you can also use animate.css with this plugin as well. You can create custom functionallity with this plugin which will be activated when the element is within the scroll, scalability of this plugin depends upon your imagination. To use this pugin with animate.css add animated and keyframes classes to the activate-class, data-duration, data-delay attributes and then initiate the jquery or define duration and delay in options. see the options table.

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activate on scroll

Code copy

<a class="activateme btn btn-success" activate-class="animated bounce">activate on scroll</a> 
    <script>$(".activateme").ScrollFactor(); </script>

expandable, options.


variable default data-type options function
everytime false bool true, false you want to execute functionality everytime
animation true bool true, false you want to use animations?
duration 3 numeric time in seconds duration of the animation
delay 0 numeric time in seconds delay of the animation

Code copy

<script>$(".activateme").ScrollFactor({animation: false}); </script>