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Expand the hidden bar with these options.

SITEMAP Documentation / Js Plugins / Hidden Bar / Options


variable default data-type options function
sidebarType overlay numeric overlay, offcanvas and fullscreen style of the hidden bar
BarPosition left string left, top, right, bottom position of the hidden bar
HiddenBarWidth 250px string any meaurement with its unit hidden bar width
HiddenBarHeight 200px string any meaurement with its unit hidden bar height
animSpeedOn 50 numeric time in microseconds appearing time of hidden bar
animSpeedOff 10 numeric time in microseconds disappearing time of hiddenbar
marginLeftCombo 25px string any measurement with its unit. when type is overlay, after the initiating it would combine two divs, second div margin is required.
allowScroll false bool true, false allow the scrollbar inside the hidden bar
behindNavbar true bool true, false hiddenbar should appear on navbar or behind navbar

Code copy

        $(".sidebarLeft").HiddenBar({behindNavbar: false});


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